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Upgrade your finishes or not?


I have built many houses for customers over the years, all types, sizes and price ranges. My goal is to build a house that is a home. Every day when you walk in, you feel like you are home, a special place that is yours, something you created and Diamond Custom Homes built.


In order to accomplish that there will be times when you are going to be faced with a decision to upgrade a finish or add something you really like. For Example: Upgrading your home using a local ADT security can provide protection for your family and be an investment. More times than not that decision is based on how much does it cost? Most times in life that should be your first concern, however in building a home it should be your second concern and here's why. It should be your second and not your first concern because any decision you make today on your house, you will live with for as long as you live in the house. You dont want to make a decision based on saving money (cause your really not - see below) then regret it later.  Make your house the way you want - with in reason of course.  Most buyers roll the upgraded cost into the final loan amount and here is why. Below are the monthly cost of an upgrade for a 30 year 4.82% note.

$500 = $2.64 - that's two dollars and sixty four cents A MONTH. It will take you 15 YEARS before you will have actually paid $500 for the upgrade.
$1000 = $5.28 per month
As you can see upgrades are VERY affordable. The benefits of which you will enjoy on a daily basis. Couple this with the fact that we only charge the ACTUAL cost of the upgrade and you have a win - win scenario for upgrading.
I only share this with you because in my experience the owners that understand this principle have a much happier home building experience, which is our goal.
Thank You
Jim Willis
Diamond Custom Homes Inc.