Diamond Custom Homes

Request For Service


To make a request for service please read the information below. 

 Please send an Email which includes the following information:

1. Home Owner Name

2. Home Address

3. Daytime telephone

4. Reason for service request

5. Pictures (if not included - request for service will not be fulfilled)

6. Only send one item request per email. DO NOT INCLUDE MULTIPLE ITEMS IN ONE EMAIL.

Items not included in the request for service will not be addressed without another request for service.

From this information a determination will be made if this is a covered issue and the extent of service required if any.  

Service calls are made between the hours of 8am-4pm M-F only. Someone must be present at all times work is being performed. This may require you to take the entire day off from work or make arrangements for someone to be there. No work will be performed outside of these hours.  

Some service calls may take several visits by different contractors depending on the type of service requested.  

This information is needed in order to direct your request to the appropriate resource. Missing information may delay or negate your request.

Thank You

Diamond Custom Homes Inc.